Take the Red Letter Challenge!

Beginning on Sunday, September 20th, our congregation will be taking part in the Red Letter Challenge. There are 3 ways to join us!

  1. Obtain a Red Letter Challenge book. They are $20 and can be purchased after any worship service, by stopping at the Church Office, or by calling (631) 584-5212 to set up how we can get you one.
  2. Join a Small Group! We will be offering a number of Small Groups, in which you can meet together with your fellow Challengers, build each other up and learn with each other! We will have both in-person and virtual Small Groups. More information on this coming next week.
  3. Our worship services (in-person and online) will be featuring themes from the Red Letter Challenge for six weeks beginning on September 20th.

We hope you will take up the challenge! If you have any questions, please contact DCE Ryan Howard at ryan@stjlc.com. Blessings to you!