Sunday School Worship 3/22/2020

Dear St. James Families,

In this difficult time, we pray that you all stay safe and well. We are continuing to ask people to stay home and worship God as a family. Here is another lesson to do with the kids and there is also a worship service available on the app or website. This week’s service will be up and available on Sunday morning.

If you have any worries and concerns, please let us know by emailing Carol at or calling 631 621-5072. We will pray for you and help in any way we can.

We don’t want to burden anyone who has financial concerns, but we do ask that members keep up with their weekly offerings. You can do that electronically using the app (Push-pay), or by mailing it in. 

Praying for you every day, we are all in this together and God is in control.

Carol and Pastor

Family Worship Time for Sunday March 22nd

Open with a prayer:

Dear Lord, thank you for this time to be together and hear about you. We praise you for your promise to be with us wherever we are and we put ourselves in your loving and caring arms. Help us to hear from you now. Amen

Please watch this video together.

Talk about this:

1. Why do you think Jesus stopped when he saw a blind man?

2. What did Jesus put on the blind man’s eyes?

3. Why were the people mad when Jesus made the blind man see?

4. What is the first thing you would do if you were the blind man and Jesus healed you?

Sing a song together:

Closing Prayer:

Dear Jesus, thank you for healing the man born blind. Thank you that you still heal us today. Please heal all those who are sick and keep our family and friends from getting sick. Lord, please keep our doctors and nurses healthy and well while they work hard to look after everybody. Help me notice any neighbor who needs help. Thank you that you are looking out for us and are always with us. Amen

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