Sunday School Worship – May 17th, 2020

Family Worship Time for Sunday May 17th

Opening Prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father, may the Holy Spirit be around us and inside us. May it
guide us as we learn, work and play. Amen

Kids Message: The Promise of the Holy Spirit

Talk about these questions:

  1. What two things did Jesus want the disciples to do?
  2. What promise did Jesus make in this story? Have you ever made a promise?
    Did you keep it?
  3. Who helps you do things? Who could you help this week?
  4. How does the Holy Spirit help us love God, our family and our friends?

Kids Song: God’s Not Dead

Craft for families to do together!

Play this game to remind you that the Holy Spirit is always with you, even
when you don’t expect it. Start this week-long game by giving
each member of your family a sticky note and get them to draw a colorful
cross on it. Each family member can remind other members of the family of
the Holy Spirit’s presence by hiding the sticky notes in unexpected places.
Sticky notes can be hidden on the inside of a cupboard door, in a lunch box, or
on a windshield. Be creative. When a family member finds a sticky note, they
must hide it again. Distribute new sticky notes each day and
see how many you find by week’s end.

Closing Prayer:

Dear Jesus, Thank you for coming down to earth to teach us about your love.
Help us to love you and love the people around us. Help us to serve others and
put them first. I also pray today for those who need your help,
especially_____________. Please bless them and help them. Amen

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