Sunday School Worship – May 3rd, 2020

Family Worship Time for Sunday May 3rd

Opening Prayer:

Dear Jesus, We love you and want to hear from you now. Help us to learn from the Bible together as a family. Thank you for being with us. Amen

Kids Message: Be Generous!

Kids Song: Love is like a Magic Penny

Talk about these questions:

1. What things do you see God generously giving you?

2. When do you like to share things? When is it hard to share?

3. How could you be a generous giver? What could you do?

For Families to do Together

Designate a spot in your home where you can collect things in a Share Box. Perhaps you’ll choose some food for a food shelf, some outgrown clothing, or a few favorite toys and books. Set this collection spot up so that it is easy to fill the Share Box and drop it off at the places where the things can be used. Go through your toys and find some to pass on. They might be favorite toys, they might be toys you don’t play with anymore, or they might be toys that you have more than one of. Find a place to share them!

Giving Activity
Make a dessert for a neighbor or make them a card or picture. Drop it off to them.

Here’s an additional Puppet Show about a boy who gave his lunch away:

Closing Prayer:
Dear God, thank you for being generous. Help me to give too. Forgive me when I don’t want to share or give. Help me to know you will look after me and make sure I always have enough. Amen

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